Head Tail PTC Addon


HeadTail Addon For EvolutionScript 5.1

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Head Tail PTC Addon

Head Tail PTC Addon

Tested at 5.1 V

Head Tail PTC Addon is use for Head & Tail Coin Game . When user logged in he will purchase balance then he will go ti the head & tail game page where he will select amount and bet on that. If he wins he will get amount stepped by admin and if he loss game money will be detect from his account.

Admin can earn money when user will buy funds for playing game. This products is tested on EvolutionScript 5.1. Installation Guide & Docs are included with downloadable file.

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  • 4 - One Time Payment
  • 5 - Use Addon Unlimited Domain



  • Released 08/12/2021
  • Minor Changes
  • Bug Fixed


  • Released 15/11/2021


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