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GC Hyip Script 2021

GC Hyip Script 2021 | HYIP Manager Pro

UPDATE RELEASED: 2021 January 

Lifetime license Unlimited use in multiple domains / websites Easy installation script. No PHP files editing any more! Upload and install with ease. Flexible template system allows you to easily change the design. Turing image for verification. It will stop brute force scripts from hacking the passwords providing higher security. Unlimited investment plans. Unlimited payouts plans (daily / weekly / bi-weekly / monthly / yearly / after the specified period). Manual withdrawal. Manual payment. Mass payment. Unlimited referral plans. Multi-level referral program, up to 10 levels. JavaScript Calculator. Allows users to estimate theirs’ earnings on the fly. new VIP users statistics in info box. new Last registered user account in info box. new Users can transfer funds to other users’ accounts inside the system.

New Update:

  • Fixed Deposit page slowness
  • Fixed Admin panel slowness
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Added two new payment methods
  • Integrated bitcoin via paykassa.pro and coinswallet.com
  • Processing Page Added

Payment Methods:

Crypto Payments! Bitcoin, Litecoin,  Dogecoin, Ethereum,  Bitcoin Cash,  Dash, Bitcoin Gold & And Other Means Of payment (Paypal, PerfectMoney, Skrill, Payza, Webmoney etc) are Ready To Use In Your Business !!

Note (Important):

(30/12/2021)Auto Deposit not working in nulled all versions. You need to accept withdraw & deposit manually. We recommend you to buy this script for education propose or if you are starting new site and not have 180$ to buy official version. In this script according to our survey 54% websites still have chances to work perfectly like original.

Demo of old Version of Hyip Script :

Admin area features: new Accept almost any of payment systems new Administrator can define a maximum deposit for which compounding is possible. new Administrator can define a minimal and maximal compounding percent. new Administrator can make a plan paying but closed for further deposits. new Automated administrator e-mail notification when one deposits. new Possibility to encrypt a settings.php file. Define the currency exchange fee. Change System Time feature. Compounding deposits. Administrator can allow/deny the compounding function per any HYIP plan. User can specify the compounding percent when depositing. Custom HTML pages. Administrator can add a custom HTML page into the system (for ex. “Ratings Systems” page). Bank Wire Support. Administrator can easily receive and manage Bank Wire deposits. JavaScript Calculator. Administrator can estimate users’ earnings when creating/editing the HYIP plan. News section. Advanced statistics. Block user’s accounts. Block or use a referral program. Suspend payments to user accounts. Send penalties and bonuses to one user or to the user group. Send customizable newsletters to your members. Send a newsletter to one user or to the user group. Transaction history. Administrator can release a deposit or a part of it. Withdraw or cancel withdrawal request. Administrator can set the withdrawal as processed without payment. Export withdrawal requests to CSV. Define the usage of double opt-in registration. Administrator can define also: Whether users can change their e-currency account in members area. Whether users can change their e-mail in members area. Whether users are able to use an instant payment feature. Whether one can make a deposit via payment processing you use. new Whether users can change their compounding percent. new Whether users can release a deposit before deposit plan duration ends. new Whether users can transfer funds to other users’ accounts inside the system. new A minimal deposit duration, the maximal time the user can release his deposit and a deposit withdrawal fee. The usage of the Turing verification (the usage itself, text color, background color and symbol quantity) The usage of a referral program. You can toggle whether to show to the users their referrals’ statistics (The number of new referrals a day, referrals’ ins and signups) and their downlines list.

You can also toggle the displaying of the following features:

Whether a program started or not. Administrator can change the starting date. How many accounts are registered. How much funds were deposited to the system. How much funds were deposited today. How much funds were withdrawal from the system. Current visitors on the site statistics. Current online members’ statistics. Members list statistics page. Top 10 investors list. Last 10 investors list. Paid-Out statistics.

User area features: new Transfer funds to other users’ accounts inside the system. new Release a deposit before deposit plan duration ends. Exchange e-currencies on the user’s account. Bank Wire Support. Users can deposit in HYIP using the Bank Wire. JavaScript Calculator. Allows users to estimate theirs earnings on the fly. Easy registration. Turing image for login. Deposit via all modern payment processing balance update. Deposit from an account, balance update. Account data change possibility. Instant payment possibility. Manual Withdrawal. Detailed Deposit, Withdrawal and Earning Statistics. Possibility to cancel withdrawal request. Contact form – send request to Administrator. Referral links section. Referral statistics section.


  1. Jacus

    Every time a have a question about websites built with Hyip, the team at ScriptBooster are helpful, friendly and have quick responses. I really appreciate it! Thank you!

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  3. Nilsa

    Honestly, ScriptBooster doing a great job. I need help many times, He helped me every time. Thanks, Brother for your support.

  4. Dr David (verified owner)

    Excellent customer support and good service. The script is excellent, the template is also awesome

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