ClixGrid PTC Addon


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ClixGrid PTC Addon

ClixGrid PTC Addon

Clixgrid is easy game to arrack more advertisers and get more profits. 

In the admin panel you will have new options –

  1. A- Grid settings: It includes Choosing Grid name, Timer of ads for standard and upgraded members, Daily prize limit (the total cash the site will give away in prizes per day), maintenance mode, Setting prizes, Earning chances, Grid prices on daily level
  2. B- Grid Links: From this page you will see all available grid ads , Their status , End time , Total clicks
  3. C- Add Grid Link: From this page you will be able to setup a new grid link
  4. In members side, Members will be able to see grid, Click ads, See winners and top winners, Plus their winnings and clicks status

Why do you buy our Addon?

  • 1 - 100% Safe And Secure Addon
  • 2 - 100% Genuine Addon
  • 3 - 24/7 Support
  • 4 - One Time Payment
  • 5 - Use Addon Unlimited Domain



  1. PTCmat (verified owner)

    We used this addon and again the great satisfaction support helped us and the addon works amazing 🙂

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