Privacy Policy

Please read out our privacy policy because these are important things about our site.

Where we collected your data from ?

We collect your data from your billing address  .

We collect your data from our cookies and your signup , WhatsApp support and your IP address important things to tell our customer so we are telling you please read out these things and these are important things for our customer privacy.

Where we use your data?

We use your data for the only confirmation of order. If any customer want to to complaint the order and for getting the support we use their data for this purposes only and we cannot use your data for any illegal or any other purposes.

To block Spam users which user try to place spam orders & comments they got block for 1 Day to Lifetime . We are trying to stop these spamers who are doing this

Can we sell your data?
No, we cannot sell your data at any price. For any illegal purpose or for any other uses because this is against our rules so we cannot sell your data and at any price to anyone .

We know that the data of our customers is a very important thing for us. If you sell data they do not have a good trust on us and cannot buy our products so we cannot sell our customers data because customers are our things.

Cookies Policy !
Cookies Purpose

We Use Cookies for Stay Login , Secure Connection , Website Speed Optimization ( Images ) .We track you back for user interest we don’t store personal things or store any advertisement cookies on your PC.

DuckDuck Result 

  • Encrypted Connection
  • 0 Trackers Found
  • 0 Major Tracker Networks Found
  • Unknown Privacy Practices
  • Privacy Grade B+

Third Party Cookies

  • We not use.
Our Warning!

Do not break our rules of this thing

Number 1: Cannot copy our any product description image and our site data

Number 2: You cannot sell our products without our  resale membership

Number 3: Cannot scam people on our name because this will destroy your career

Result of breaking our rules 

Case on you and you are in jail for 3 months to 5 years


Last Updated (05/05/2021)